What busy months April and May have been as one thing after another has called for our attention, and for the most part I have been energized by the opportunity to be productive after such a long winter. Go me! May has been an especially upside down month as both Bob and I have been away on trips, separately, to see family and lend a hand when needed. We have had little time together as a result and I can’t wait until things return to normal. Except we all know there is no such thing as normal in life, but we take those quiet times when we can grab them.

First Bob went to visit our grandson, who turned a whole whopping three years old. They live 11 hours away from us, as our son is in the military and is stationed at different locations through the years. I stayed home to milk Reba. And between you and me, I was glad to miss all the hubbub and hoopla of a chaotic jam-packed family get together. But I also miss my grandson fiercely. Then I flew out to visit my very frail mother in upstate NY. I tell you what, God was with me the entire visit as each day brought fresh opportunity to praise Him. This is not usually the case on these kinds of visits!! No sooner did my plane land and we arrived home when a series of storms hit the area, with five tornado touch-downs reported, and loss of life incurred. The death of two people were in the same town as the airport was, and had my flight come in just one hour later we would have been faced with dire circumstances. And if that wasn’t dear enough, our little tiny town stayed safe from all the storm around us, and not even the littlest of branches were broken off or one bit of wind or hail assailed us. It were as if the Father put His umbrella over our home as we watched the storm rage over the surrounding areas. Other similar events followed me throughout the week as I saw His hand ever ready and present in the most wonderful ways. But the largest of miracles was the fact that Bob was willing to milk Reba while I was away. Yes, it may have been tinged with great reluctance, but he did it anyways. I owe him one! Now it is Bob’s turn to visit Mom, as he finishes up the harder home maintenance chores that I was unable to do. This is a hard season in her life. She has made the decision to stay there until death, but that house is not suited for an elderly lifestyle, and she has made no provisions to change her living situation. Soon, she will need to make a change, and I dread the fight that will occur as decisions will need to be made. We cannot care for her at 1,300 miles away and she cannot stay in her home.


As I follow other homesteading blogs, I see that drought is prevalent in these mid-west states, and the same is true for us. It is only May and our lawn looks brown and crispy as if it were August. Our hay is standing in the fields, already gone to seed-head but the folks that cut our hay are delaying for some reason. The Father knows what is best, and with Bob away, I would not be able to get the hay in by myself, although I would get in as much as I could. Now he will be home in time for stacking/storing hay and that is a relief, especially as it went from three weeks of spring to a hot and humid 95 degree summer. Not complaining!! Just observing.


We have a new member of our herd! I’d like to introduce to you B-30. She is a four week old Angus calf that we have put on Reba to take care of the excess milk I’ve been getting. I was going to name her Filet, but our very pregnant, hormonal daughter-in-law grew weepy that her third of the meat had a name. So we went with the ear tag # she had on and called it good. Reba took a little while to get used to her, but now B is a regular part of the family. Is it possible to call 3 cows a ‘herd’? My ‘herd’ has tripled in the last two months : ). Now I will begin training the calves to be halter led. I start out by tying them to a post for half an hour while sitting with them. Then increasing that time in increments until they learn they cannot fight and win with trying to move that post. It’s better than them fighting with me, as Ruby must be near or over 200 pounds by now. After they learn to respect the lead rope, then we will begin to take walks around the corral until they can follow willingly. Our strawberry patch is producing well, and I have picked eight quarts yesterday. The blueberries are good and our peach trees are super loaded with baby peaches. I have had to thin them out as they will be more than the branches can handle. We are hoping to get at least 150 bales of hay, if all goes well in the next week.

2018-05-20 15.47.44


I saw a page of advertising in the paper on Saturday that sort of ticked me off. It was a page remembering your loved ones that died. Can’t say that any of those pictured were in the military. Somehow that doesn’t seem right to me. But I’m not surprised when it seems like today everyone reinvents everything to suit them. Nothing stands for what it used to. Handshakes and keeping your word have little value today. Even silly things like how to say words, such as “Care – a- be-an” vs “Carr-ib-Ee-an” or “Day-ta” vs “Da-ta”. We even have “alternate truth” these days. Sheesh. I wish someone would just make up my mind for me!!!

But guess what?! In my world truth starts with a capital T and Never Changes!! Whew. Can you imagine trying to live your day trying to please and be obedient to a God that constantly changes his or her mind? You would go nuts, or worse yet – stop caring. Which sadly, most of this world has done. As Christians we need to watch ourselves, examine our actions and thoughts and keep accountable to that which is the Way, the Truth and the Life. How easy it is to be duped into following something that has been reinvented and find ourselves in tangled confusion. I have a challenge for you. Ask the Father to show you the areas that you might be following down a wrong path and set your heart to make things right. And then a request. Lovingly remind others when you see them ambling down the wide path instead of firmly adhering to the straight and narrow path. No pestering. Ultimately their decision is up to them, as well as your decisions are up to you. Remember, one path leads to destruction and the other path leads to life, peace and joy – and who of us can ever have enough joy!!

Praying that your cup runneth over in these hot dry days of summer.